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BFABE10An Australian OH & S requirement is that businesses must provide a safe working environment for their employees, therefore fire extinguishers must be available for safe use.

MDF Services can provide a fire safety risk assessment for your site, and advise you on the placement and types of fire extinguishers required to meet legislative requirements, OH&S requirements and Australian standards.

MDF Services can also perform routine scheduled testing and servicing to ensure your extinguishers are functioning correctly, and are appropriate for your fire risks.

There are different types of extinguishers, including:

  • Carbon Dioxide Extinguishers
  • Water, Foam, and Wet Chemical Extinguishers
  • Dry Chemical Extinguishers

Servicing & Call Outs

All fire equipment & systems require regular inspection, servicing and testing in accordance with Australian OH & S standards.

The performance of your fire protection equipment and systems depend not only on the quality of the product, but in the quality of your maintenance program.

Fire Extinguishers

MDF Services has a range of fire extinguishers available in store. Why don’t you give us a call on 99213633 for more information.